Complete Guide How to Install CentOS 8

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Complete Guide How to Install CentOS 8. CentOS 8 just released a week ago and today i will show you how to install CentOS 8. In this tutorial, i am using VMware, but, you can follow my step using another media (VirtualBox, direct install di harddisk, etc).

First, you need to download CentOS 8 ISO file. For better connection / download speed, choose nearest mirror on your area. Next, create bootable USB using Unebootin or Etcher.

If you are installing CentOS 8 with another OS (example: dualboot with Windows 10), you need provide at least 35GB for CentOS 8 installation.

How to Install CentOS 8

Ok, now it is time for installing CentOS 8. Boot your USB flashdisk. After GRUB appear, choose  Install CentOS Linux

Next, choose Installation Language.

Next, you will go to Installation Summary page. You need to modify Time and DateSoftware Selection, and Installation Destination.

On Software Selection, choose Workstation if you want to use CentOS as daily desktop OS.

Setting your system clock and time zone

For partitioning, you can choose Automatic if your disk is clean (no dualboot, etc), but don’t choose Automatic if there is another data or system installed because it will erase and format your disk. Choose Custom for manual partitioning.

From 35GB unallocated disk, i split it into:

  • / (root) – 32GB
  • /swap – 2GB
  • /boot – 1GB

For device type, choose Standard Partition.

Click Accept Changes.

Next, click  Begin Installation.

Next, set the root password and add new administrator account.

Wait until installation process complete.

Next, reboot your system. And unplug your flashdisk.

Choose CentOS Linux on GRUB menu.

Accept License Agreement.

Login to desktop

Finish. Installation complete.

Ok. So, that’s for today. Ask me everything if you have any problem with this tutorial. And dont forget to share it if you think it is helpful. Thank you and see you in the next tutorial.

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