How to Unblock Reddit Access Without VPN

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How to Unblock Reddit Access Without VPN. Hello everyone. If you are live on country that blocking access to Reddit, like Indonesia, you may have problem because you can’t access Reddit website anymore. You can bypass it using VPN or DNScrypt. But, some provider blocking access to VPN too. So, after you connect to VPN or proxy, your internet become not accessible.

You can unblock access to Reddit access by modify your hosts file. In Linux, hosts file location is /etc/hosts. Edit this file using your favorit text editor. In this tutorial, i am using nano.

sudo nano /etc/hosts

Next, add this list to hosts file.

## Reddit

After save hosts file, open again your browser, and try to access

You’re good to go, now Reddit should be available. This solution can be applied to other IP addresses if you discover them on the internet. Ok, see you next tutorial.

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