Get Real IP Behind Cloudflare using CloudUnflare

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Get Real IP Behind Cloudflare using CloudUnflare. CloudUnflare – Reconnaissance Real IP address for Cloudflare Bypass.


CompleteDNS API
Create an account at and verify first.
Input your email and password on CompleteDNS_Login variable in cloudunflare.bash.

Dependencies Needed

  • curl
  • dig
  • whois

How to install on Debian based distro

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install curl dnsutils whois -y


Clone repo using this command

git clone

How to Run

Go to CloundUnflare directory.

cd CloudUnflare


bash cloudunflare.bash



Ok. So, that’s for today. Ask me everything if you have any problem with this tutorial. And dont forget to share it if you think it is helpful. Thank you and see you in the next tutorial.

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